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Daily Guide Inspiration

It was such an honor, joy and celebration to have the opportunity to write these daily guides. It was a true dance with Spirit as each guide was birthed into creation. It is my wish that these words open your heart to the magnificence of the unique expression of God that you are. It is with great love that I hand to you a tool of inspiration that I hope will guide you on your path with gentleness, laughter and joy. May these words help you to celebrate your life.

Rev. Maggie Buck is a staff minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa, California. She has been a spiritual counselor with a large client base since 1994, teaching and leading creative workshops, in Centers across the United States, including Asilomar. She is a past Vision Core member for United Centers for Spiritual Living and past president Sonoma County Interfaith Council. A frequent speaker in Northern California churches, Rev Maggie is in the process of completing her first book, "The Sacred Center of Self" 2009.

Writings for Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide

Awesome Universe
We live in an ever creating, all embracing, awesome Universe. We are each individualized special creations of God. We are each unique; no other person can be as you. .read more...

God Time
There sometimes appears to be lots of things to do. We can get caught up in the franticness of day timers, unexpected phone calls, emails, etc. Life can seem to be moving fast as we rush to appointments.read more...

Good… and still more Good desires to express in me through me and all around me. I lean into my good; I allow it to wash over me. I welcome its embrace. read more...

You and I come into this world totally equipped; hard-wired in God. We are unique individualized expressions. We are like the newest, fastest, most capable computers with capabilities and programming installed by our creator. read more...

Heart’s Desire
What’s calling you? What’s asking for your attention that you keep pushing to the back of your mind? What dream just won’t let up, what desire has your name on it?read more...

I am so Blessed
This morning I awoke in the song; “I am so blessed, I am so blessed, I am so grateful for all that I have.” As I begin to sing out loud I realized how truly blessed I am in every part of my life. read more...

It’s a Mystery
We already have what we seek. Everything is complete in God. We need to remember this as we seek our love first inside before we look for love outside ourselves. read more...

Love Letter to God
The Psalms are love letters to God—David’s beautiful love letters, praising God. The question arises, what if everyday we wrote a love letter to God… what would it say?read more...

Loving Kindness
Feed yourself with kindness… simple and wholesome thoughts. Nothing less than the best available thoughts in any given moment. read more...

Most of us know meditation is beneficial to our wellbeing; it centers us to move though the day, connected to our source. Sometimes there is a “yes but” feeling that we’ve missed the mark, not doing it correctly.read more...

My God
Oh, my God. I can’t discover who and what God is in my life from the viewpoint of others. It’s nice to hear the wonderful words spoken in our centers, or to read about God in our great books. These are all tools, ways that guide me to self-discovery.read more...

New Day
In the morning I sit in the living room with my cup of tea and muffin, watching the East become brighter. The sun is rising because that is what it does. read more...

Simply Allow
Today I let go of expectations.
I can remember when I thought I was the one in charge. If I didn’t wind up the Universe, everything would fall apart! I am learning to simply allow, letting the river of life flow as I watch in awe and amazement. read more...

Speed Bumps
Life is like speed bumps. Speed bumps can show up anywhere, sometimes without warning. Sometimes we are warned by a sign and other times these bumps just seen to appear out of nowhere. read more...

Stoking the Fire
My job is to stoke the fire of God within me, to let my light shine, to heal, restore, and renew myself daily. It’s my job to remember to live always in the greater Truth. I’m the only one who can purify my thinking.read more...

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