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Senior Minister at Foothill Center for Spiritual Living, Auburn
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“My relationship with Rev Maggie is unlike any I’ve ever had. When I first came to her I was in a place in my life where God was not. I had forgotten who I was. Rev Maggie totally accepted me just where I was, her love was unconditional and non judgmental. For the first time in my life I didn’t have to hide or be ashamed. Thanks to Rev Maggie’s love, patience, and great prayers my life has significantly changed; I have a personal relationship with God, and I love who I am. I am honored know and work with Rev Maggie.”

— A.S.

Rev. Maggie Buck is a master teacher of the “Law of Attraction”. Since the completion of one her classes, my life has improved in ways that I would have never thought possible. In my work, I have received multiple promotions, merit increases, bonuses, and awards of recognition. My creative life is expanding beyond my own dream for myself. My relationships are healthy and constantly deepening into greater and greater expressions of love. I am experiencing new levels of freedom. Life is good and I am grateful! Thank you for your strength, your wisdom, and your gentle guidance, Maggie!

— Lisa

I remember the day that my job ended! I was so in the "fear"! I remembered thinking, I have to get out of this energy of fear....after a couple of days of stomping around in this murky darkness I received a call from Rev. Maggie! God does works in mysterious ways and Yes, the Universe was supporting me. Of course as I talked with Rev. Maggie I went into the "story".... I knew that if anyone could get me back on track it would be Maggie. I set up an appointment and met with Rev. Maggie. Within two weeks I had my own business start to increase. Even though I had been wanting to quite that job for years, it was stepping out into the unknown and way beyond the zone of comfort! Rev. Maggie helped me see that having the job was the greatest gift! It was the Universe saying, ok...this is what you have been wanting! Thank you Rev. Maggie! My business is booming!

— J. Stewart

After watching the movie, “The Secret”, last year I was eager to learn more about the Law of Attraction. I attended a 3 class introductory series that Rev Maggie taught relating the principles to Science of Mind and I was hooked. I have been her student in each of the Esther & Jerrry Hicks books that she has taught.

Rev. Maggie’s down-to-earth, open style of communicating is a magnet. She is not only forth-coming, but warm, humorous and real in her classes. She respects each participant, but keeps gentle reign on the direction she wants the group to take.

My life is blessed by my experience of Rev. Maggie’s classes. I have experienced abundance, happiness and peace since I began this journey with her.

— B. Hopp

Maggie has a wonderful way of relating spiritual principles in the classes she teaches. She often shares personal experiences that illustrate these principles in action. She worked with me personally in the class setting on my financial well-being and has helped me to transform my own relationship to wealth. She teaches with conviction and enthusiasm; her classes are stimulating and fun. When interacting with her students she guides them firmly and lovingly. I have come away time and again inspired and uplifted. Her classes are not to be missed.

D. T.

have been studying with Maggie weekly for about a year. It's been a wonderful, growing experience. I will take any workshop she offers! She's an excellent teacher and wonderful example of Spirit in action, a splendid role model and friend.


Maggie Buck is a gifted teacher who finds the perfect blend of metaphor, stories and individual involvement to help each student move to a new perception of reality. She'a a great combination of the wise and powerful leader along with the irrepressible the 5-year old that's in each of us. There hasn't been a class I've attended that I haven't come away with a new tool or a new insight into my challenges and my dreams.

Maggie has provided me with profound strength and power when I felt I lacked it the most. She provides spiritual strentgh and faith as well as tremendous insights and practical strategy that have helped me to deal with everything from financial crisis to the loss of loved ones and the happy challenges of building a new business.

P. Lemire

"I have taken two classes from Rev. Maggie Buck, and I heartily recommend her to you as a teacher. Maggie's teaching is clear, joyous, loving and fun. Her commitment to Life and to her Spiritual Practice shine through her teaching. Maggie creates an atmosphere in which learning is easy, comfortable and enthralling."



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