Certified Dream Builder Coach

As a Dream Builder coach we use a proven method to move beyond old beliefs, patterns of thinking that limit us (up until now) expanding beyond old set points, limitations; helping us to change our thinking therefore changing our lives and how life shows up around us. read more...

You are far greater than you know and contain much more than you've ever thought.
Life is beckoning you to grow to your full potential right now.

~ Mary Manin Morrissey

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Senior Minister at Foothill Center for Spiritual Living, Auburn
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Rev. Maggie is currently the Senior Minister. Come visit us in our historic and beautiful chapel building, near Hwy. 49 and Bell Rd., at 2945 First Street, Auburn CA.


Spiritual Counseling & Private Counseling Sessions
Email Rev. Maggie: info@revmaggiebuck.com

Rev Maggie Buck: Minister/practitioner, Rev Maggie has been a spiritual counselor and teacher since 1994. Her love of God and passion for prayer has touched many people over the years; individuals, couples, children and families are all part of her practice.


Life Coach~& Private Counseling Sessions

It’s for everyone, to expand consciousness and to continue to grow spiritually.


Prosperity Plus Coach

It’s really tempting to put off feeling satisfied with life until your circumstances change. Most people think, “I’ll be happy when I get that raise,” or “I’ll be satisfied when I can take more vacation time.”

“I'll feel better when I lose weight.” This kind of thinking is actually backwards! The truth IS, that your circumstances won’t change until your “vibration” shifts.


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It is a delighted to provide a special ceremony for the celebration of your love and commitment. Each couple is unique and we will do our best to accommodate your personal wishes for an unforgettable wedding day. Rev. Maggie can help you make your ceremony a joyous, spiritual experience.

  Memorial Services
Email Rev. Maggie: info@revmaggiebuck.com
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