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Rev. Maggie Buck was born and raised in Oakland California. She was born Margaret Ruth Rudolph, in a home filled with many accents. As a child she saw God everywhere, so when she heard the building around the corner was God's house, a church, she insisted that she had to go. The church was Baptist, which she dearly loved.. At the age of six, her mother decided they needed to go discover her roots, Christian Science. "It was an experience totally different from the Baptist style where we talked to God loudly, sang with feeling, etc; in the Christian Science church you had to be quiet, never talking out loud to or about God. It didn't take my mom long to find the Presbyterian church, middle of the road, not quiet, but more conservative than the Baptists. That was the beginning of my church experience."

Rev. Maggie discovered Science of Mind in 1980, attending the church when it was on Orchard Street. She stayed for a year with Rev. Richard Leo as the minister. She took SOM I, now called Foundations, but realizing she needed to discover God on her own terms; she became a student of the "Course in Miracles" and studied alone for seven years. Eventually needing to be with like minds, so she returned to the Santa Rosa church in 1989 and felt immediately that she had come home.

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton was the minister and the church was at the Burbank Center. She began to take all the classes and in 1994, she became a practitioner. She has been on the teaching staff since 1994 and has taught all the classes, hosted book studies, written for SOM magazine, and offered workshops. In 1997, she entered the School of Ministry in order to deepen her spiritual learning.

As a SRCRS staff minister, she created the Hearts in Prayer telephone ministry. Once a month, she coordinates a special Sunday Service for children and families. She will be a presenter at the Asilomar annual gathering this year. She travels on many Sundays, serving churches, which don't have ministers. She is a full time spiritual counselor, specializing in partnership work. She loves creating unique weddings and memorials. Rev. Maggie guarantees that anyone can have a life beyond their wildest dreams by using SOM principles. She knows because it happened in her own life. She lives the teaching, "God is good all the time.”

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