Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


Why would I compare or compete? It’s so much simpler to be what I am. — Bryon Katie

The birth of the soul into the light of Spirit is an awakening to the realization that God has been with us all the time. — The Science of Mind


New Day

In the morning I sit in the living room with my cup of tea and muffin, watching the East become brighter. The sun is rising because that is what it does. The sun rises as the sky all around celebrates its entrance into the new day with luscious red, pink, bright blue, the sky gloriously reflecting the sun’s magnificence of this New Day.

Today I rise and shine remembering that I get to be me. Just as the sun has its perfect expression, so do I. I feel the excitement rising within me, “something wonderful is going to happen today”. Having no idea how life will reflect back to me, I remember the Sun in all its glory expressing what it does best: shine.

I shine, awakening the light of love within. I can feel my love rising to meet this new day. A whole new day awaits my light, awaits my love. How exciting to be alive, how exciting to be me.

How good it is to let the sunrise of love awaken within me. Today I let the light of love, the glory of God shine brightly through me and out to all of life around me. This is a new day; “Something wonderful is going to happen today”.

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