Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


It is said that if you take only one step toward Him, He advances ten steps toward you. But the complete truth is God is always with you. — Mohammed

We are surrounded by, and immersed in, a perfect Life:. . . only as much of this Life as we embody will become ours to use. — The Science of Mind

Love Letter to God

The Psalms are love letters to God-- David’s beautiful love letters, praising God. The question arises, what if everyday we wrote a love letter to God… what would it say? Jesus said “it is the power within. . . .” What would our life be like; what would our day look like if we began it with a love letter to God, the Infinite power within us. Maybe a letter would assist us to daily remember God as our personal partner. We are each filled with loving infinite wisdom, it is ours to use. Let’s use God today.

Dear God,
Infinite Spirit within, help me to remember the promise of love Life has for me. Guide me gently through this day in all I do and all I say. From deep within my soul I will let Spirit’s light shine, I let love lead me and empower me. Today I will remember God is the life within me.

Filled with gratitude and thanksgiving, I know I walk the path of life with ease, and comfort. Every moment is my love letter to God, every step I take is a blessing. The path I walk today is filled with gentleness and ease; I walk in partnership with Spirit.


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