Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


Caring about yourself is a full time vocation. Do not try to make it into a part time activity. It must become the one major focus of your life. Otherwise, you are accepting a different purpose for you life, one that is not consistent with your peace and happiness. — Paul Ferrini

We are living is an Intelligent Universe, which responds to our mental states. . . .This is why we study the power of thought. — The Science of Mind

Loving Kindness

Feed yourself with kindness… simple and wholesome thoughts. Nothing less than the best available thoughts in any given moment. Being conscious that you are your own keeper, it is beneficial and wonderful to keep yourself in reverence and joy. Honor and respect of self is a fulltime, joyous undertaking. Looking at all you do with acceptance and pride. Honoring who you are and who you are becoming is a wonderful adventure.

You are the keeper and creator of your dreams. You are the adventurer who, with courage and desire, will seek to discover the key to your personal success. Every thing is available for you to succeed.

Look and listen. What is calling you? What makes your soul sing with sheer delight?
When you find you’ve gone down the wrong path or made a choice that wasn’t the best for you, just acknowledge it, say “I’m sorry”. Forgive yourself, promising to do better in the future. Anything less than compassion doesn’t serve our highest good. Why not treat ourselves with loving kindness?

In every moment I remember to treat myself with loving kindness. Embracing myself with words that are life affirming, knowing that God, the source of life Itself created me out of Love. I live in this love and I let love grow in me.

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