Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


Infinite Love awaits us, but we must particularize it by thinking it, by giving it attention. We must let love express through us. — Jack Addington

The Spirit knows no past and is not affected by the belief in any. The past is swallowed up in the victory of the perfect present, which is filled with love and perfection. — The Science of Mind

It’s a Mystery

We already have what we seek. Everything is complete in God. We need to remember this as we seek our love first inside before we look for love outside ourselves. In the past we have learned to look outside to find our value which was lost in the effects and stress of the life we play in. I say “play” because it’s kinder and more loving not to blame or shame ourselves as we begin to look more closely at our lives.

We have danced many dances; taken twists and turns. Our true desire is to bring ourselves home to God’s dance, seeing the perfection in all, in harmony with all, right here right now.
In this moment I stop… I rest.. I breathe.. and I smile. I become fully present. I stop… I rest… I breathe… and I smile. How fun it is to just be in me. Stop… rest…breathe… and smile. Breathe, rest, smile.

Just for fun; just for a moment… imagine nothing to do… no where to be. Rest in the breath and smile. It’s a mystery and a miracle to live inside ourselves.

Today I embrace the mystery of life. I am preparing for today’s adventure as I stop, I breathe, I rest, and I smile. I will take time to just be... This will make my day ahead seem lighter, and easier.

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