Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


Becoming aware of the space of Now, you suddenly feel more alive inside. You are feeling the aliveness of the inner body-the aliveness that is an intrinsic part of the joy of Being. — Eckhart Tolle

God is the giver and sustainer of human life and expression. God is all there is. God is substance and supply. We must learn to accept this. If it is God’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom, then it should be our privilege to accept the gift. — The Science of Mind,


You and I come into this world totally equipped; hard-wired in God. We are unique individualized expressions. We are like the newest, fastest, most capable computers with capabilities and programming installed by our creator.

Our bodies already know how to breathe. Our heart beats in perfect rhythm. Our higher wisdom self, our divine guidance system is completely in place. We are born life- ready. Everything we need to succeed is within us: desire, love, joy, excitement to live and experience life unencumbered.

We just need to remember all that lives within each of us. Yes, some of life’s experiences have dimmed our memory; have dulled our excitement for this great adventure. The good news, should you accept it today, is that no matter where the path of life has taken you or what you’ve held against yourself, or against life—your higher wisdom-self, your connection to God can never be unplugged, never disconnected. We are hard-wired. Source is every where in the seen and the unseen, and so It must be inside each of us.

I am full of God; full of life. I let myself live as if I know this truth in every moment. I remember I am hard-wired with loving guidance and wisdom. All my original programming is intact. My divine birthright is my connection to God. I thank God for me today.


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