Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


You are the Truth from foot to brow. Now, what else would you like to know?
— Rumi

This is the simple meaning of true metaphysical teaching, the study of Life and the nature of the Law, governed and directed by thought; always conscious that we live in a spiritual Universe; that God is in, through, around and for us.
— Science of Mind.


Awesome Universe

We live in an ever creating, all embracing, awesome Universe. We are each individualized special creations of God. We are each unique; no other person can be as you. When we realize there is no lack and no limitation, the whole world becomes one with us to conspire for our individual good. We are each a beautiful, exquisite container through which God gets to express, play and create. Within every one of us has been placed everything we need to live life to its fullest, abundant and most grand in expression. It is here now. Life is for us, never against us.

Within each one of us has been placed joy, love, excitement for life and a will to live it more fully… more completely. Within us is the very Spirit of loving partnership with the Infinite. In Unity with God as Source energy, we never walk alone; we can never be outside of God. Every day we get to decide how much God and how much life we desire to express.

Today I dedicate my life to Spirit. I commune with my Divine Partner. Together Spirit and I make a great team. I am blessed because I am living a life of unity and connection to God. Today I am living life in a rich abundant and awesome Universe.

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