Science of Mind Magazine, Daily Guide
by Rev. Maggie Buck


Your attention has result getting power, so be careful what you give your attention to. Your attention is you faith. — Catherine Ponder

Always remember that you are not dealing with a reluctant Force but with a completely receptive one which, by Its very nature, is compelled to receive the images of your thought. — Science of Mind.


God Time

There sometimes appears to be lots of things to do. We can get caught up in the frantic-ness of day timers, unexpected phone calls, emails, etc. Life can seem to be moving fast as we rush to appointments. We find ourselves with the feeling there isn’t enough of us to go around or enough time in the day.

When I’m feeling squeezed by not enough. . . I begin to chant “there’s more than enough time in God”. This becomes my mantra over and over again as I complete tasks to move on to the next. The mantra prevents making mistakes that hurrying seem to create, we can instead relax in God’s time, more than enough.

I am always amazed how calm, easy and relaxed I arrive at my appointments. “There is more than enough time in God” brings me to the peacefulness of the moment because I’m not repeating how late or hassled I’m feeling.

When I use the mantra it seems as if time stands still and there is always more than enough of every thing. What do you think? Maybe it’s making an impression upon the law of attraction.

Today I stop, look and listen before I proceed into my day. I remember to relax into God time and I repeat often, “There is more than enough time in God.”

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