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Certified Dream
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Senior Minister at Foothill Center for Spiritual Living, Auburn
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Rev Maggie has been a Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Writer since 1992. Rev Maggie has assisted thousands of people to awaken to the power of their inner wisdom self, she regards herself as a “spiritual tour guide” assisting people in learning to live beyond old conditions, old beliefs to reveal a greater sense of Self. Within each of us truth lives, and success has been planted, our work together is learning to live in and from our magnificence. Rev Maggie’s greatest joy is to witness people coming into their own powerful self; it is a true blessing to be a guide and spiritual counselor.

Rev Maggie is living proof these spiritual teaching tools, change lives. Alive within everyone is a sacred and holy place that can never be touched harmed or hurt. Our sacred Center of Self is where our unique Divine essence is alive and well our calling is to uncover and know we are all blessed and loved no matter what or who we are.

January 2014 Rev Maggie became a certified
Dream Builder Coach with Mary Morrissey

This training has given her many tools adding to her large
repertoire for transformational healing work.
10 week group coaching classes available. more info >

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Skype or phone sessions 530-718-0132

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